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Why Umicore

As anyone at Umicore will tell you, this is a place where you can build a dynamic career. As a growing, future-facing business, we offer a workplace where the scale of our work, the scope of our talent and the range of our opportunities grow with us, giving you the chance to contribute to a variety of exciting work.

We understand how important this is to the committed individuals we need in our teams to realise our ambitions. Join us and you can look forward to working in a challenging, stimulating and rewarding environment. At Umicore you will find:

Purposeful work

You will have the opportunity to make a measurable contribution to our successes, working on technologies that will create a better world, both now and for future generations.

Relentless ambition

We do not just operate in one of the world’s most dynamic and disruptive industries; we are constantly pushing its boundaries and setting new standards. This drive for innovation enables us to grow as a business, and offers you more opportunities to develop.

Mutual respect

We value the different ambitions, interests and attitudes we all have and the variety of contributions we make. We will reward your performance and encourage a healthy work/life balance, so you can add to our competitive advantage.

Collaborative environment

We realise the benefits of working together, pushing each other to greater achievements and creating an environment we can all contribute to. We will encourage you to question conventional thinking and refine others’ ideas to drive commercial success.

10 reasons to work at Umicore

Working with Toptechnology

We are a materials technology group that offers a varied range of tech and high-tech jobs, be it in reclycling, production or research. Whatever your background is, you don’t need to be a technician to build a career in technology. We’re also looking for talent in sales, IT, logistics, SAP, economics… at different levels. And in all domains you sharpen your knowledge and build up experience

Healthy balance between work and private life

We like to give you the space so that with us, you can work to live and not vice versa. We see that as one of the pillars of a successful career. With flexible work times and  proper matching of the job content with who you are and what you want to, we’re happy to help you keep your work and private life in balance.

Working in a open, honest and amical atmosphere

Our sites different, but in each of them you will find an open and amical athmosphere. Openness, respect, commitment, innovation, teamwork are our values. We live them every day.

Working in your region

We have five sites in Belgium: Bruges, Brussels, Hoboken, Olen and Vilvoorde. Plenty of opportunity to work in your region. That way you’re immediately sure of good commuter travel

Working in a solid Group

All Umicore sites offer you the opportunities of the solid international Group that we are. This means that you contribute to the firm foundation of a the Group and your career.

Choose your direction

At Umicore you choose your own direction. We have a diversity of activities, sites and functions, they represent a large number of opportunities for you.

Continuous learning

Your personal and professional development are essential to your career. We help you grow.

Expert in one specific area

In all our sites experts are valued, be it in production, technology or another domain.

A career with diverse responsibilities and international contacts

Learn all about Umicore in our sites, it opens the path to an international career within a solid multinational.
In all our sites you you experinec Umiocre Umicore’ can offer you s global head office is located in Brussels.  The global R&D strategy is developed in Olen. But almost every Umicore site in Belgium gives your career an international dimension.

A career in sustainability

Most of Umicore’s revenues are generated by clean technologies. Most of our research & development budget is spent on projects such as catalytic converters and materials for rechargeable batteries and solar applications and recycling. Would you like to help create a cleaner, more sustainable world? Then Umicore is the place for you.

Are you looking for a career in your region and become expert in a specific discipline, or more interested in an international role? Do you have a passion for technology? Welcome


Bij Umicore scherp je elke dag je kennis aan en krijg je bovendien alle kansen. Zo gaat dat bij een Top Employer met uitstekende arbeidsvoorwaarden. Wat bieden wij jou?

Attractive terms and conditions of employment

Each site is a branch of the solid Umicore group. This gives you loads of benefits including an attractive salary and fringe benefits. We are focused and we work hard, but this can only happen if we strive together for a healthy balance between work and life.

Training and development

With thorough training and a career plan, it speaks for itself that you will evolve and grow with us. Together with the development of your technical knowledge, you also work on your personal skills and choose direction in our group: higher up, to other business units, to other sites, going abroad.

Employees and blue collar workers have a yearly development meeting with their managers. They will discuss the past year’s collaboration, detect development areas and discuss possible next careersteps.

For people in management there is the Talent Review Program. Every two years we discuss career expectations in the short and medium term with our management. Coupled with an evaluation, we draw up a development plan and see what the next career move can be.

In brief, A pleasant, open working environment. An attractive salary. A healthy work-life balance. Do you feel at home in a no-nonsense culture? If so, there’s every chance we can offer just what you need.