Umicore Specialty Materials Bruges has a long tradition in the production of alkyd resins, metal soaps, naphthenic acids and rubber adhesion promotors, finding their applications in diverse industries. USMB focuses highly on Research & Development, using this expertise to launch innovative products that create client-centered solutions in terms of technological competences, economic optimizations and ecological advantages.

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Umicore Specialty Materials Brugge NV
Kleine Pathoekeweg 82
8000 Bruges

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Working at CSM in Bruges

In Bruges we make semi-finished products of the highest quality for large industrial players. Specifically, there are five product groups: dispersions, metal soaps, naphthenic acids, resins and rubber adhesion promotors (RAP’s). You won’t find these in the shops but in numerous products such as car tyres and paints.

Technically challenging job - Process operator

As a process operator, because you look after the entire process - from filling to delivery - your work is not only varied but also complex. Your extensive tasks and responsibility make your job challenging. You’ll easily need at least three to six months training before you can operate independently.  And as an operator you are able to look after two to three reactors at the same time. Production is also accompanied by some analysis and reporting.

As a process operator, main process operator and also helper, you get a lot of freedom and responsibility. Your work is anything but routine, you manage the production process from start to finish: you follow the entire process from the loading of the raw materials through to the finished product. Along with that comes analysis and reporting. Variety is guaranteed. 

In our team of about 70 people, the atmosphere is open and familial. Day in, day out we work with chemical processes: this demands continual alertness and direct communication. It also means we must be able to intervene quickly and be able to take the right decisions.

The work can be physically challenging. But you’re not on your own in this: you work together with your colleagues in a good atmosphere.  And we have numerous benefits to offer you. Find out what they all are.

Engineer? Opportunity in R&D

Even as an engineer you’ll find challenges in R&D in our laboratory. You can sharpen your know-how and your skills in order to optimise our processes, with lots of room for initiative.


Tim, Process operator

Very pleased with my first employer 

When I was following my A2 chemistry education, I knew very well what I wanted: to work with my hands and head. And that’s exactly what I do at Umicore. I work alternately in production and in the laboratory. This variation, that’s really the best aspect of my job.

Umicore is my first employer, and I really can’t complain. I see myself working here for a long time. Because the atmosphere is good and you get the chance to continue to grow. I’m convinced that you can achieve a lot here.

I’m also impressed with Umicore’s international image. The products we make here go to the whole world. And we regularly receive international visitors. It’s great that I can work in a world-class company.