Career in a materials technology group

Today more than ever, we're a high-tech Group. With the production of and research & development in cobalt and germanium for example, we supply high-tech materials for items including solar cells used in space exploration, infrared lenses, optical fibres, rechargeable batteries for cars, mobile phones, laptops etc.

Moreover, a significant portion of our business consists of recycling, whereby you can actively contribute to a cleaner world.

In brief, our activities include:

  • Cobalt, electro-optical and thin film products: Energy Materials
  • Recovery of precious metals from rechargeable batteries, jewels, automobile and industrial catalytic converters: Recycling
  • Technology for automobile and industrial catalytic converters: Catalysis
  • Zinc construction products, zinc powders and oxides and platinum equipment for the production of quality glass: Performance Materials

Work for a local global player in materials technology and choose a secure career with built-in variation

Safety: together to zero accidents!

‘Materials for a better life’ is our goal. And your golden hands are key to make that happen.