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Since ancient times, metals have been at the root of human progress. The demand for precious and non-ferrous metals has grown dramatically. They are increasingly used in modern technology for everyday use such as cell phones, computers, car catalytic converters and electric bicycle and car batteries. Fortunately, these metals are endlessly reusable. So rather than further depleting our natural resources, we can recover them from discarded appliances as well as from waste materials from other companies. And that is exactly what we do in Hoboken.

Sustainable recycling

Our Hoboken site is a vital link in Umicore's ambition to develop, produce and recycle materials in a way that fulfills our mission: "materials for a better life".  Every year we process hundreds of thousands of tons of material from which we extract precious metals and metals for rechargeable car battery materials so that they can be reused. 


A.Greinerstraat 14
2660 Hoboken

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