What we value

Energised by our collective determination and individual ambitions, Umicore is creating a more sustainable world for future generations. This is challenging and important work. And it is something we are achieving together.

As a global business, we believe it is essential our people understand the important role they have in shaping our industry, and the lives of consumers. We do that by incorporating our values into everything we do. These are the core beliefs that guide our success. And they can help you achieve yours.


We speak openly, accurately and with enthusiasm, through reliable communication and positive relationship building.


We always search for better ways of doing things, putting our faith in innovation as the driver for long-term profitability and growth.


We show respect for each other and for different cultures, customs and values, and do not compromise on the safety of our employees.


We believe in teamwork to contribute towards shared goals across borders, enabling our people to gain pride, satisfaction and fun in their work.


We keep our promises, adhere to high performance standards and continuously search for the best solutions we can possibly deliver.

Our values and corporate culture: ‘The Umicore Way’

Open, congenial working atmosphere

The working atmosphere is closely related to how we are organized. The solid multinational that we are, forms the backbone for each site. This provides you with loads of benefits.

Working with us is also fun: the communication lines are short, you always keep hold of the overall view and you work in a no-nonsense mentality. Our doors are open and management is available and accessible. That way we take decisions together quickly and you see the results of your work faster.

That makes the atmosphere with us open and amicable.

What is ‘The Umicore Way’?

We follow a vision and values ​​that determine how we do things. Together these values ​​and vision shape "The Umicore Way': the heart of our culture.

  • For our customers
    We enable our knowledge in metallurgy, chemistry and materials science to work with the wishes of our customers and our applications and systems. That way we focus on those areas where we can be leader and can also be acknowledged and recognized as leader by our customers. We create our added value together.

  • For the environment and society
    We also take into account the impact of our activities on people, society, the environment and economy for our financial objectives. That’s why we work according to the principles of sustainable development.

  • Our core values
    Openness, respect, innovation, team work and commitment: these are our core values.  Together they form the key to our success, together they create our culture. We strive towards fulfilling them every day.

  • With your colleagues
    How do we attract new talent and deal with each other? We provide thorough training and exciting challenges. Equality, diversity and honesty are key. We are competent, enthusiastic and take our responsibilities. Together we deliver the best results and are fairly compensated for these. We enter into constructive dialogue with each other. Health and safety constitute the core of our corporate culture.

  • Doing business ethically
    Integrity is the key for all our decisions. Wherever we operate, our reputation is the main strength of our Group. We always keep that in mind.

  • Materials for a better life
    With Umicore, we want to be and remain the leader in the development and supply of materials that can ensure our quality of life fundamentally improves.

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