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Work in maintenance

Maintenance – a job at the core of our operations

In many organizations, maintenance is merely an afterthought: a compulsory part of operations that’s often neglected or underappreciated. Not here! One in eight of our operations colleagues work in maintenance – that’s how much we care. And to keep it up, we need you!

Join the Umicore maintenance crew

Maintenance at Umicore: never a dull moment

We work in a multifaceted industry: recycling precious metals and developing catalysts. A challenging job that requires a lot of technical expertise to ensure minimal downtime and quick, decisive action. That’s why our maintenance team is at the heart of our operations.

You‘ll come into contact with a multitude of processes: pyrometallurgic, chemical, electrochemical, electric, robotics and more. One day you’re working in a smelter the size of your house. And the next day, you’re installing a giant, multiple-megawatt drive. There’s truly never a dull moment! 

“Each colleague has their own expertise, and we help each other out. I still learn something new every day!”

What can we offer you?

On-the-job coaching
Don’t have a lot of experience yet, but fancy a job in maintenance? We like your mindset, and we’ve got you covered: our education center will teach you everything you need to know. And on the job, you’ll be part of a team led by a coach who’s there to guide you.

The latest technologies to work with
From complex electric circuits to automation and even robotics. You’ll explore and work with them all. No two days will be the same.

A multitude of challenges
High voltage, pyrometallurgy, chemicals, automation, mechanics, electrics, robotics, etc. There’s a lot going on at Umicore. One thing’s for sure: you’ll never be bored!

A safe working environment
We work with chemicals and metals, so safety is a priority. The entire team constantly ensures that the proper precautions are taken for the safety of you and your colleagues – no unnecessary risks in the name of profit.

A job close to home
Because maintenance is so integral to our operations, we have dedicated teams for each of our sites in Bruges, Hoboken and Olen. No endless hours on the road – you get to focus on doing what you love and are always home in time for dinner.

What are we looking for in our maintenance crew?

We’re looking for work planners, technicians, senior and junior service engineers and more. 

Want to become a part of the Umicore maintenance team? Great! We’d love to have you, particularly if you’re:

  • a curious soul, always eager to learn something new
  • a stickler for safety and security
  • passionate and motivated – we love what we do and why we do it, and we want you to love it too!

If you’re up for a laugh and like having a drink with your colleagues after work, that’s considered a plus.

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