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In order to achieve a carbon-neutral economy, the ultimate goal will be clean cities with zero local emission and with zero-waste streams. We at Umicore strive to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world and dedicate our research & development (R&D) on clean air through clean mobility materials and resource scarcity through recycling technologies. We also prioritize our programs to support our strategy ambitions and focus on the development of closed-loop material solutions.

As a materials technology company, the future success and sustainability of our business depend not only on our ability to develop and market innovative products and services, but on growing our technical competences for our current markets and expanding our know-how into new markets. We continuously strengthen our unique in-house expertise in metallurgy, chemistry and material science while constantly expanding our external collaboration network.

Our core competences provide fundamental insights about materials, their critical properties, and how they can be tuned to drive performance. A deep-rooted fascination for how materials function at an atomic scale in their respective applications allows us to develop predictive power for their efficient and targeted improvement.

Our forward-looking approach for materials R&D is therefore based more than ever on expanding our expertise in the synthesis of novel materials, their modeling, advanced characterization, and testing by means of relevant proxies that enable fast and reliable feedback loops.

Umicore supports open innovation and the creation of materials technologies through joint development programs focusing on rechargeable batteries, catalysis or digital connectivity. Our ambition for the future is to steadily grow our portfolio of collaborative programs with research institutes and universities worldwide that focus on measuring and understanding materials functionality, leading to better product design.

Umicore continues to invest in R&D and to attract international scientific talent to develop the next generation of sustainable products and process technologies for our customers.

Technology innovation and differentiation remains key for our future growth.