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Four complementary Business Groups

Umicore’s complementary activities are divided into four Business Groups based on important synergies and common characteristics.

Battery Materials

Electrification in mobility is accelerating and our broad and future-proof portfolio of battery material technologies covers all car market segments – today and tomorrow. Our innovative cathode active materials are at the heart of the electric vehicle and determine the safety, driving range, durability and carbon footprint of its battery. Recognized as a global technology leader with future-proof innovation and operations set-up, we are fully integrated in the battery materials value chain - from refining and high purity precursors to cathode materials - local for local, responsibly and sustainably.


Essential towards the transition to a green economy, our catalysts include chemical solutions, emission control technologies and fuel cell technologies. From enabling life-enhancing applications in healthcare, converting pollutants into harmless gases to reshaping the future of energy and mobility, we are a reliable transformation partner to headway our customer ambitions.


Circularity is at the core of our business model and an essential differentiating factor in the way we do business. We close the loop, for our customers and for our own operations, giving new life to metals, infinitely. From end-of-life products containing precious metals, complex residues and production scrap to battery waste, we are able to recover and supply valuable critical metals. These activities shape our circular business model.

Specialty Materials

Our Specialty Materials Business Group develops, manufactures and distributes non-ferrous metal based materials  for high-end applications vital to our everyday lives. Think electronic devices, connectivity, space exploration, fashion jewelry, pigments, hard tools and more. From germanium-based solutions that power satellites and facilitate autonomous vehicle sensing, to metal-based coatings enhancing semiconductors and enabling green hydrogen production. Through continuous product and process innovation, we cater the growing need for advanced materials while delivering best value through our circular refining and recycling solutions.