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Research in industrial environment

If you have a PhD and you want to use your knowledge in a high-tech environment, Umicore offers you a special career plan with plenty of growth opportunities in an international setting.

Our Olen site has the most extensive research department. It’s Umicore’s global centre of knowledge and expertise, where you can work in R&D at corporate level. Or if you prefer, you can work in a research department of a specific business unit at one of our other sites, closer to production, focusing on a concrete area of application of a given technology.

Read more about our production in Olen

The best of both worlds

As a PhD student you have done years of in-depth research in an academic environment. At Umicore we guarantee you the best of the academic and commercial-industrial worlds. You will continue to do research in a relevant field, while we give you the support you need to develop and perfect other skills, like project management, budgeting, leadership and communication. Our Technical Academy is one way we share knowledge and hone skills at management level.

Why choose Umicore after your PhD?

  • Materials research at the international cutting-edge
    With one of the few specialists here

  • Play your part in achieving progress
    As a leader in high-tech R&D

  • Work at one of the world’s most sustainable businesses
    Make a cleaner world by developing clean technology

  • Get the space you need to grow
    Develop your management skills through experience and training

  • Long-term vision, solid career, international context
    All the advantages of a big, solid group