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On the road to a fully electrified car fleet

Regional website Belgium

As a leader in sustainability, Umicore seeks to lead by example and make a real difference. Umicore has redefined its car policy with the aim of rapidly and drastically reducing carbon emissions, and as from 2020 Umicore will only offer electrified vehicles in its Belgian company car fleet.  
In 2019, Umicore’s Compensation & Benefits team developed a new policy for mobility and the company car fleet, which has been applicable since the start of 2020. Firstly, the option of giving up a company car in exchange for compensation in the form of gross salary will be offered. This will motivate employees to choose to commute to and from work by train, bus or bike. “Our challenge concerning mobility is to ensure that we offer good alternatives alongside the company car fleet. In terms of the company car itself, we are striving to attain a zero-gram level of CO2 emissions”, states Michael De Meyer, Compensation & Benefits Project Manager.  
For those retaining the use of a company car, electric cars will be the only available option. As Michael De Meyer explains, “During the transition period this will mean both plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) and electric cars (BEVs or EVs). However, our ambition is for our fleet to be entirely made up of pure EVs from 2022.” 
The migration to electric cars will also depend on the availability of charging points for such vehicles. Employees can charge their electric company cars at home or at other charging points. Umicore has also chosen to build extensive charging facilities at its Belgian sites, which will be made available for our employees. Such infrastructures will be further expanded in the coming years, also partly thanks to project subsidies from the Departement Omgeving of the Flemish Government. 
This new phase of clean mobility options represents a significant adjustment for our employees.  With this initiative, Umicore is looking to emphasise its core sustainability values and to be at the forefront of greening its company car fleet in Belgium.