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Kickstart for Umicore Young Graduates

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Umicore rolls out the red carpet for Young Graduates

Being a Young Graduate at Umicore is about more than just getting involved at the various departments of our innovative company. It all starts by going that extra mile to attract them – and we do that by attending job fairs and other events ourselves. And once they arrive here, we roll out the red carpet for them with a tailor-made program.

Throughout the program, an experienced buddy takes the Young Graduate under their wing. They also receive a training curriculum and take part in a mentor program. We certainly don’t just throw them in at the deep end! Young Graduates at Umicore work on their own development in collaboration with others. They gain experience and develop personal skills that help them progress to challenging positions. They are also given a warm welcome at our annual Young Graduates Day, where they have an opportunity to connect with and inspire each other. This year’s Young Graduates Day took place in September.

Not all work and no play

It goes without saying that we work hard at Umicore – especially because we are committed to maintaining our position as a world leader in circular materials technology. But leading companies also need to take a break every once in a while. Which is why we organize the annual Young Graduates Day. This year’s edition was held at Kasteel Den Brandt, where our young talented professionals were immersed in our corporate culture. In the morning, they listened to inspiring speeches, in particular about our grand plans for the future

Besides the presentations – which were packed with useful facts about Umicore so that they could really become acquainted with the company –, attendees got to know each other over a delicious lunch, where plenty of networking also went on.

Lunch was followed by a challenging team-building exercise, during which the leadership compass was also addressed. The leadership compass was developed to clarify all aspects of leadership. It revolves around three simple key concepts: winning from within is about inner drive, passion, and purpose; engaging for impact means achieving success by sharing with and involving colleagues; and going beyond boundaries is the ability to see things from an external perspective.