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17th time in a row! Why we are so proud to display the Top Employer logo

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Top Employer is a quality mark awarded by the independent Top Employer Institute every year. As a worldwide authority in recognizing HR policy, they validate, certify and acknowledge best employers, and top employers. Umicore has been awarded as a top employer in Belgium for the 17th time in a row.

Geert Walschap, HR director Western and Southern Europe shares: ‘To become a Top Employer, you take various steps, beginning with the HR best practices survey, the validation round and finally the audit. The performance scores of the participating companies are weighed against an international standard.’

As part of the survey, you fill in a detailed questionnaire on various aspects of your HR policy, providing proof through  procedures, screenshots, etc. ‘The aim is for the company to demonstrate that it meets the high standards set by the Top Employer Institute in all areas. From leadership and working environment to attracting talent and diversity’, Geert explains. The Top Employer Institute goes through all the information, documents, and processes and asks additional questions. Finally, a third, external and independent party judges the integrity of all the data.

So you don’t become a Top Employer just like that. 

But what does it mean to work for a Top Employer? ‘We are well aware that a great deal is expected of our employees, particularly in times of fast, unexpected change like the corona virus crisis, or the digital (r)evolution we are facing. It is important that our people feel supported by an HR policy that will guide them in times of  change. Paying attention to their development, giving career guidance, coaching, and trying to deploy their talents constantly are only a few aspects that they can expect from a top employer’, says Geert.

The world is continuously and rapidly evolving. As a global player in a competitive sector where innovation, commitment, teamwork and respect are crucial, is it essential for our HR strategy and policy to keep up. 

‘People and their talent are our greatest asset, so we will continue to focus on them.’ 

Geert Walschap, HR director

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