Young professionals

Umicore is looking for 16 Young Graduates

About the Young Graduate Program

Mainly based at our sites in Olen, Hoboken and Brussels, our two-year young graduate program will give you the opportunity to learn and build experience in various areas of our organization, such as production, engineering, marketing, sales, finance, business development, communication, etc. You will be able to quickly contribute to our business, benefit from a custom made development plan and you will get support from a buddy during the entire program.

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What you will be doing 

Joining us in September 2023, you will work on successive projects.  After the program, we will be able to match your interests and experience with a permanent role in the Umicore Group. Throughout the program, you will learn about our business, technologies, way of working, and culture. You will further develop your knowledge, skills and network by training on the job as well as attending Umicore seminars and networking events. You will develop personal skills that will help you to grow into exciting roles. We will get the opportunity to evaluate your achievements, understand your potential and train you to become a full-fledged Umicore manager.

Do you want to know what a day at Umicore feels like?
Listen to Livia Vandamme, one of our business young graduate.

What we offer

Business Young Graduate Program

This program is specifically designed for masters in an economic, financial or commercial field. You will be offered two projects in different business units or sites, one of which will have an international scope. After a successful completion of your projects we will assess your development and potential together and find you an appropriate managerial role that is in line with your personality and interests.

Technical Young Graduate Program

In this program we prepare starting engineers for a clearly predefined management position in a technical field. Required skills differ depending on the business unit, but all Technical Young Graduates will be coached during a specifically designed development program spread over different units and locations.

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The Young Graduates


"As a chemical engineering graduate, this is exactly the place where you hope to work later. It is a real adventure for me to get to know processes like this! The project is also very broad, and I am given the creative freedom to shape it myself and shift my focus where necessary. From day one, I was considered a full member of the team and my opinion counted. You feel the appreciation enormously.

I am given a lot of freedom to get to know the process and the Umicore colleagues in my own way and at my own pace, without pressure. This is a very special, pleasant way of training!

I personally feel very strongly about sustainability and it is important for me to be able to contribute to a better world. After a few job interviews, it was clear to me that sustainability at Umicore is not just an empty word, and now I experience this every day."

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"Sustainability is one of Umicore’s core values, which is why the company appealed to me. It is important to me - even during working hours - to be aware of the environment and to contribute to a better world with my knowledge. I want to be a wholehearted ambassador for the company I work for and at Umicore this is possible!

Solving problems as a team is very nice: when all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, I get an enormous boost and that is hugely satisfying. Every day there is a small victory and we see progress somewhere as a team. These moments of joy give me energy every day."

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"At Umicore, there is a good balance between working independently and working with the necessary support of others. You will explore your limits, learn something new every day and you can always bring up your ideas. The open culture within Umicore is very present, which is what makes working here so enjoyable. 

What was important for me is to work for an organisation that has a positive impact on our society, that always strives for the best and that, above all, values its employees. I found all these values here, which made me decide to work for Umicore."

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