Career in a materials technology group

Today more than ever, we're a high-tech Group. With the production of and research & development in cobalt and germanium for example, we supply high-tech materials for items including solar cells used in space exploration, infrared lenses, optical fibres, rechargeable batteries for cars, mobile phones, laptops etc.

Moreover, a significant portion of our business consists of recycling, whereby you can actively contribute to a cleaner world.

Work in Research & Development

Participate in the top in Research & Development

Our R&D department in Olen is one of Umicore’s largest R&D centres worldwide. From Olen we are responsible for the Group around the world both in terms of research methods as well as competency analysis, global scouting and maintaining relationships with universities and research centres. In addition to that: R&D in recycling & extraction and fine particle technology. But there are also other sites of ours where you can indulge yourself technically. Challenges are guaranteed.

No-nonsense working atmosphere

The atmosphere is closely related to how we are organized. Each site has the solid multinational that we are as its backbone. Working with us is also fun: the communication lines are short, you always keep hold of the overall view and you work in a no-nonsense mentality. Our doors are open and management is available and accessible. That way we take decisions together quickly and you see the results of your work faster.