Career in a materials technology group

Today more than ever, we're a high-tech Group. With the production of and research & development in cobalt and germanium for example, we supply high-tech materials for items including solar cells used in space exploration, infrared lenses, optical fibres, rechargeable batteries for cars, mobile phones, laptops etc.

Moreover, a significant portion of our business consists of recycling, whereby you can actively contribute to a cleaner world.

Work in production

We are a materials technology group that offers a varied range of tech and high-tech jobs in our production departments. The specifics of the job depend on the site. But one thing is certain, the high-tech materials we produce are used in many of the things that make all our lives better: from sunblock and LED lighting to rechargeable batteries and solar energy. You can help us do that.

We have four sites in Belgium. Our production offers a host of technological challenges. And there’s every chance that you’ll find a job in your own region. So you can be sure of a manageable commute.

Looking for a challenge as an engineer? Welcome to Umicore. Whether you’re an industrial engineer, civil engineer, bioengineer or engineer in another discipline, as an international materials technology group, we have everything for a career to be proud of.

Our recycling activity in Hoboken  


Grow, take on responsibilities

In our sector, knowledge needs to evolve and be shared or we will lose our hard-earned position as a cutting-edge player. With that in mind, we encourage you to keep up with the latest developments, learn new things and continue to grow. And we reward you whenever you take your competencies, knowledge and attitude to the next level.

Healthy work-life balance

We are delighted to give you the space you need so you can work to live, rather than the other way round. For us, that’s one of the keys to a successful career. We want to help you find the right balance between work and life as a production employee by matching your duties to your situation and personality.

Solid employer, attractive salary

The Umicore Group is a solid employer you can rely on. Your work and responsibility deserve a good salary.