Our recycling activity in Hoboken

At Umicore Precious Metals Refining (PMR) in Hoboken, we treat complex waste flows containing precious and other non-ferrous metals. As a member of our production teams, you help recover metals from all sorts of waste flows. This allows us to give new life to metals that would otherwise end up as landfill. The materials we process come from mobile phones, laptops, catalytic converters in cars, industrial products and more.

What do we offer?

Varied range of tasks
In our production departments, you take on various roles in the production process. Guiding a process, taking and analyzing samples to optimize processes, logistics tasks, working with high-tech machines... No two days are alike.

A safe and pleasant working environment
An open culture prevails in the teams, with room for input to bring about change and improvement. The coaches and coordinators are always there for you. Finally, we all strive to achieve our goal together.

At Umicore, you can count on having the necessary flexibility in your working days. We ensure flexible planning, in exchange for a flexible attitude from you.

A stable employer and an attractive salary
With the Umicore Group behind you, you have a stable employer. Plus you work in a shift system, which brings shift bonuses.

What are we looking for in our production departments?

We are constantly on the lookout for different people in our production departments. Would you like to join the production departments at Umicore PMR? Great! Your training is important, but not the most important thing for us. We’ll be pleased to welcome you, especially if you:

  • Are interested in technology and are technically inclined
  • Are eager to learn and have a problem-solving mindset
  • Have a healthy dose of motivation and are always ready to give your best

Take a look at our job vacancies

What your future colleagues have to say


“What really appeals to me is that it is a very varied job. You switch smoothly from one task to another throughout the day.

The various career opportunities are a great asset. You can progress to a leading position, for example, but as well as that there are a lot of widely differing other jobs on the site that you can learn.”

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