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Working at Umicore

World class clean technologies

Working at Umicore Olen is working in a high-tech environment. This is logical because Umicore’s worldwide R&D is directed and supported from here. The atmosphere is fun, you get the freedom to interpret and carry out your work. All that with very attractive terms. So do you want to set to work in your region and participate in sustainable material solutions? Welcome to Umicore Olen.

Our R&D department in Olen is one of Umicore’s largest R&D centres worldwide. We guide the group globally, both in the field of IT as well as research methods, competency analysis, global scouting and maintaining relationships with universities and research centres. In addition to that: R&D in recycling and extraction and fine particle technology.

Hi-tech environment

Working at Umicore Olen is working in a high-tech environment. Our site in Olen revolves around recycling, research & development of clean technologies and the production of high-tech materials based on silicon and germanium. In other words technology at world level.

Good terms and conditions of employment

Just as at any of Umicore’s sites, at Olen you enjoy the benefits that our strong Group offers you: an attractive remuneration package and a solid foundation for your career.

Working on a cleaner world

Every day you contribute to ‘materials for a better life’. You’ll work on the production of hi-tech materials that are indispensable in numerous  clean technologies such as photovoltaics and LED.

Set to work in your own region

It’s ideal for your commuter travel and the balance between work and private life: you can set to work in your region.

Great atmosphere

With us, the atmosphere is open and  informal. This means that it’s real collaboration. But also that you have the freedom to fill in your function and work towards a direction that you choose together.