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Prebes Award

Regional website Belgium

In November, our colleague from the Cobalt & Specialty Materials site in Bruges, Jens Le Comte, won the Prebes Award for his thesis to obtain his degree for "Prevention Advisor Level 3". Each year, Prebes, a Belgian non-profit organization focused on health, prevention and the environment, rewards contributions to improving or promoting well-being at work. Jens earned the award for his thesis on the CO2 fire extinguishing system.  

 He prepared a program to teach employees how the system works: how to handle it and what to do in case of a fire. You may be wondering what a CO2 fire extinguishing system is? It is a simply constructed system that automatically activates as soon as a fire starts and extinguishes the entire room with CO2. This extinguishing system works much better than water because it causes less damage to products or electronics.   

Want to know more? Then be sure to check out Jens' interview with Cath Luyten: