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Working in the construction department

Architecture: the foundations of our factory halls

Anyone thinking of processing precious materials does not immediately think of architecture. However, nothing could be further from the truth at our sites. Everywhere at our plant new things are being built or adapted, or infrastructure work is being carried out. This can range from completely new buildings or renovations of old work houses to anything to do with sewers, roads, pipe racks or boxes. To design and monitor all these things, we need you!

Come and join our Umicore construction team

Architecture at Umicore: you will never be bored!

We work in a multi-faceted industry that recycles precious materials and develops catalysts. The in-house engineering department faces numerous technical challenges to take the plant to a safer and more sustainable future. The construction department contributes to all of this.

Within Umicore, there is a lot of room to learn things and develop yourself further. Communication, openness and respect are the keywords.

What do we offer?

Technical challenges and growth
At Umicore, you are constantly faced with the challenges of a new environment or complex issues. Ground foundation techniques, concrete (technology), industrial construction, sewerage, retaining walls, road works, etc. There's a lot moving around at Umicore. You follow the development of projects from beginning to end; as a result, you learn a lot and your successes are visible at the end.

Practical coaching
The opportunities and resources to build expertise are available, thanks to the mixture of profiles in our teams of experienced and new colleagues. We also offer various training courses to enhance your skills where necessary.

Career opportunities
Umicore allows you to determine where you want to go with your career. There is always room for job rotation, task broadening and various career opportunities.

Freedom and flexibility
You are given the autonomy to look for creative solutions and realise projects. You can rely on a fair amount of flexibility: you set your own agenda, which ensures a good work-life balance.

Who are we looking for in our construction department?

We are looking for designers, stability engineers, managers and site supervisors for both investment projects as well as maintenance tasks on our portfolio (which includes as many as 400 buildings!)

Would you like to join the Umicore construction department? Great! We'd love to have you, especially if you:

  • Have technical skills in the construction industry
  • Are eager to learn and enterprising
  • Are passionate and motivated!