Career in a materials technology group

Today more than ever, we're a high-tech Group. With the production of and research & development in cobalt and germanium for example, we supply high-tech materials for items including solar cells used in space exploration, infrared lenses, optical fibres, rechargeable batteries for cars, mobile phones, laptops etc.

Moreover, a significant portion of our business consists of recycling, whereby you can actively contribute to a cleaner world.

Work in maintenance

As a maintenance technician you’re worth your weight in gold here

At Umicore we have a long-term vision. So for our Hoboken and Olen site we are looking for lots of new maintenance technicians in various fields:

  • mechanics
  • electricity
  • electromechanics
  • piping

Are you an experienced maintenance technician?

  • Experience in technical maintenance
    in an industrial environment
  • Technical training in at least mechanics, electricity, electromechanics and piping
    or equivalent experience
  • Hard worker
    and always looking to learn so you can become even better at what you do

Work for a local global player in materials technology

In Hoboken we use our technology to extract valuable metals from laptops, smartphones and more. We’re a global leader in recycling. Our Olen site is devoted to the production of high-tech materials based on cobalt and germanium, which are used in rechargeable batteries, lenses, solar cells and much more.

‘Materials for a better life’ is our goal. And your golden hands are key to make that happen.

Go for it

Process operator, electrician, bricklayer, maintenance operator, electromechanical technician…? We are looking for lots of experienced people for various technical jobs. Choose a solid job with lots of variety and career opportunities.