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27 November is Science Day. Why you should go, too!

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Want to know how much precious metal there is in your ring or necklace? Or what your precise body temperature is with the help of an infrared thermal camera? Find out at the Umicore stand during Science Day, Flanders’ biggest science festival for young and old alike. Literally open to everyone aged 4 to 99. Pioneering technology company Umicore will be there with fun, inspiring little tests.

It’s important to get you excited about science early on. There are various ways of doing this. By learning lots about it in class or reading lots about it. But something that you see with your own eyes is more appealing, right? It triggers more. One opportunity to be triggerd is the annual Science Day. It’s the biggest Flemish science event organized for young and old alike by the University of Antwerp on 27 November.

Research shows that you are more interested in scientific subjects or STEM courses if you come into contact with science in more concrete ways. Umicore does that with speakers in classrooms. And to get you passionate about science and tell you that you, too, can have a career in science, we immerse you completely in the Umicore story. Our innovations take center stage on Science Day.

"Through inspiring stories, we explain how they contribute to a more sustainable future and how we can get you excited in a STEM career."

Inge Van Antwerpen, Young Talent & Onboarding Manager

And if you have graduated from university, Umicore has plenty of programs to attract young talent like you and get you involved in the plant, for example with special traineeships and Young Graduates programs.

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