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Engineering traineeship Hoboken

Wanted: candidates for Engineering Traineeship in Hoboken

Have you almost completed a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in a technical field and are you ready for your first work experience? In search of a great working environment with lots of opportunities to learn? Then an Engineering Traineeship at Umicore Precious Metals Refining in Hoboken is just the thing!

The Traineeship – learning on the job

The Engineering Traineeship lasts eighteen months and gives you the chance to get to know various aspects of the Hoboken site better. At the end of your Traineeship, together we look for the most suitable place in our organization.

The Traineeship has two important goals:

  • You have the chance to build a valuable network in the production departments and with colleagues from the technical support services at Hoboken.
  • In addition, you get to know the production departments and all the entities inside out!

“The Engineering Traineeship at Umicore is really worth recommending: you go through various departments, so you get to know the company really well.”

The program starts in September 2023. Don’t delay, because we only have a few free Traineeship places!

Please send us your CV and an enthusiastic covering letter telling us why you are the ideal candidate. We are looking for three new colleagues for the Engineering Traineeship in Technical Engineering, the Engineering Traineeship in Production will be welcoming two new graduates and there is one free place on the Engineering Traineeship in Structural Engineering. 

What will you be doing?

The Traineeship can be described as a combination of working and learning. You will follow a program for a year and a half, delivering a project every three months. Chemistry students are usually assigned projects in the production departments. Students with a background in electromechanics or structural engineering, for example, go to maintenance, technology or structural engineering.

“The variation keeps it interesting: I work on different things every day and I always learn something new.”

Working on projects alternates with a formal training week for example in leadership, the Hoboken flowsheet, Umicore technology, etc. So as well as your network at Hoboken, you will also be part of a great community of fellow trainees. Human Resources will assign a Young Talent Manager to supervise you, who will be your point of contact but above all will coach you throughout the program.

What do we offer?

Engineering trainee in Technical Engineering
With a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in electromechanics, you can join Umicore as a Trainee in Technical Engineering.

You will learn all about planning and work preparation and find out about designing, project preparation and the implementation of our installations. The training courses and your work as part of the team on the shop floor will hone your practical experience as a versatile technician and you become a work planner, maintenance coach, draughtsman/designer, etc.

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Engineering trainee in Production

With a bachelor's or a master’s degree in Chemistry or Process Chemistry, you can become a Trainee in Production.

You will be working as part of different teams and gain practical experience in our production departments. You will learn to apply various technologies to recycle precious metals, get to know the workings of a production department and build a strong network. You will also be trained in various areas, such as the environment, health and safety, HRM, logistics and more. After your Traineeship, you can work as a team coach or a member of the process/production team.

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Engineering trainee in Structural Engineering

With a master's degree in industrial engineering, specializing in structural engineering you can become a Trainee in Structural Engineering.

During the course, you will be assigned to various functions in the Structural Engineering project team in order to gain practical experience. You will have the opportunity to go through the various aspects of a structural engineering dossier and learn more about specific fields within structural engineering. In addition, you will be trained in a wide variety of areas, including HR, safety, logistics and more. At the end of the Traineeship, you can become a work planner/draughtsman designer or structural engineering site manager at Umicore.

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