A career in sustainability

Umicore invests in clean technologies, such as catalytic converters and materials for rechargeable batteries. One in three cars is fitted with a catalytic converter that incorporates our raw materials. Our unique recycling technology supports a closed cycle approach. As such, our products and services help tackle global challenges, like raw materials shortages, clean mobility and sustainable energy generation and storage.

Would you like to help create a cleaner, more sustainable world? Then Umicore is the place for you.

How to apply for a job online at Umicore

On our job page you'll find vacancies for a variety of positions at Umicore.  The only way to apply for a position with us is via this website.

Step 1: preparation

Good preparation is very important. How do you do that? First, read the vacancies carefully and determine which position you want to apply for. You must upload your CV and your letter of motivation during the online application process. Be sure to make those two documents in advance. Upload them in Word or as a PDF. You can also upload diplomas or certificates but that’s not obligatory.

Your CV: must state the following

You can use your CV for several vacancies. What must be included on the CV? Information about your studies, professional career, when you worked for which employer, what your job was (preferably with a short description), which languages you know, any additional training you completed, etc.

Your letter of motivation: must state the following

Your letter of motivation should explain why you are interested in this position. You should indicate why you think you are the right candidate and you mention any other personal matters that might be of importance for you in this position. It's best to adapt your letter of motivation to the job you are applying for.

Step 2: the application itself

Once you have prepared these documents you can start the application process.

  • Go to the position that you want to apply for and click on ‘apply for this job’.
  • You will be taken to a similar page with a description of that vacancy.
  • Once again, click on ‘click here to apply for this position’.
  • Create a profile. Once that is done you can upload your CV and letter of motivation.

Step 3: confirmation

Was the application process successful? If so, you'll automatically receive an e-mail to confirm this. Your application is now in the hands of our recruitment team. That team will handle your application and keep you informed.