Our closed loop business model

Our closed-loop business model is our powerful differentiator, and it will continue to be the basis on which we carry out our business and the basis on which we build our strategy.

We transform metals into functional materials and recycle them to make new materials.

Metals are an outstanding ingredient for sustainable materials production because they can be recycled infinitely without losing any of their chemical or physical properties.

Our expertise and application know-how in chemistry, material science, and  metallurgy enable us to create tailor-made solutions in close collaboration with our customers to develop better, more sophisticated and safer products.

At their end of life we can also offer recycling services. A high volume of our own metals come from recycled sources from production scraps, residues from customers and other industries, and end-of-life materials from our own operations. 

We purchase the remainder of our metal supplies from sustainably and ethically vetted primary sources, under the conditions defined in our Sustainable Procurement Charter and our Sustainable Procurement Framework for Cobalt,. 

Our unique ability to close the materials loop together with certified clean and ethical supply are at the heart of our approach to sustainability.